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    What are publishers looking for? We take you through the process of creating content that matters, helping to build the foundation of your story. You will learn how to set yourself apart and cut through the clutter of a saturated market so editors and publishers will take notice.


    Have you ever wondered if editors are actually looking at your social network? We reveal real conversations editors and publishers are having as it relates to social media, explore what it means to be an influencer, and provide target goals for where you need to be before you should even consider pitching your book.


    We take you inside the boardroom, providing a sneak peek at discussions and talking points that are weighed when considering a proposal . You will learn the key elements of a great proposal and how to create one that gets you one step closer to 'yes.'


    So you wrote a book - what next? We help you understand every part of the publishing process and why the editorial phase is only one piece of the puzzle and how to prepare yourself for every phase of your potential publishing journey.


    We lift the curtain on everything you think you know about the publishing industry. From timing and production, to book tours and royalty rates. We debunk misinformation and help you set realistic expectations to position you for your best chance possible at landing a book deal.

5 Week Course + Live Bonus Sessions

Students will be invited to join our private Facebook Group for Live Chats and Informational Sessions with industry leaders and special guests.

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